Swit CL-60D 60W 1:1 Bi-color SMD LED Videoleuchte

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Swit CL-60D 60W 1:1 Bi-colour SMD LED panel light OUTLET

The Swit CL-60D is a 60 Watt LED panel light. It contains 900 SMD LED lights that provide good illuminance, wider beam angle, higher rendering index, softer bright colours, and longer life. This makes the CL-60D an ideal light source for broadcast studios, green screen, interviews, and live streams. There is an LCD display where you can see the dimming percentage, colour temperature, DMX channel, CH channel, and the battery indications. The CL-60D has a 65 degree wide beam angle. This is evenly distributed. The temperature is infinitely adjustable between 2700K-6500K. This alternates between 2700K and 6500K by default.It is possible to adjust this yourself in steps of 50K. 

The CL-60D is powered by an AC adapter or a gold mount battery. In addition, the CL-60D has 2000Lux luminance at a distance of 1 meter (centre). The lighting is smooth and does not flicker. 

The SMD LEDs provide a wider beam angle compared to the traditional DIP LED lights. Thanks to the SMD LEDs, you get an evenly spread light from centre to edge instead of a light spot from the centre. The wider angle ensures that the light is evenly distributed, creating a natural light environment.

Features of Swit CL-60D 60W 1:1 Bi-colour SMD LED panel light OUTLET

  • 60 Watts of power
  • 900 LED lights
  • LCD display
  • Wide beam angle of 65 degrees
  • Temperature infinitely adjustable
  • 2700-6500K
  • Temperature adjustable in 50K at a time
  • CRI: 98
  • TLCI: 99
  • Operates on AC adapter or gold mount battery
  • Even distribution of light
  • High Display Index
  • Soft, bright colours
  • Long lifespan
  • Ideal light source for broadcast studios, green screen, interviews and live streams


  • CL-60D light
  • AC-DC adapter
  • Bag

OUTLET = Extra savings while maintaining service and warranty!

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Our procurement team is always on the lookout for the best available deals, which means we are frequently offered special consignments consisting, for example, of demo models, (customer) returns, surplus stock or slightly damaged and refurbished stock (repaired and back in full working order). The products are always in good condition and have been thoroughly checked by the brand in question prior to them being sent to us.

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  • No risk due to thorough checks
  • Full warranty and service
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